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Coinbase Exchange abandoned headquarters in San Francisco
Coinbase no longer has a central office, and most employees will continue to work remotely after the pandemic. According to a statement from Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong, the company no longer has its official headquarters, which was previously located in San Francisco. “While we will continue to provide offices for employees who choose to work in them, it is against our culture to designate one location as our headquarters,” said Brian Armstrong, CEO of the
The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of Thailand has presented the qualification requirements for cryptocurrency investors and launched a public comment on the proposed rules. According to the document published by the financial regulator, it is planned to set more stringent requirements for cryptocurrency investors, including their qualifications, income and trading experience. Local cryptocurrency investors must have a net worth of at least THB 10 million ($ 332,500), and such investors must have a minimum
Flashbots: Ethereum MEV Arbitrage Bots Earn $ 314 Million Since Early 2020
Trading bots that capitalize on the flaws in Ethereum’s infrastructure have generated $ 107 million in revenue last month and $ 314 million since the beginning of 2020. The Miner Extracted Value (MEV) arbitrage strategy assumes that bots identify and select deals on DeFi services pending confirmation in Ethereum mempools. Bots can use several methods to profit from a targeted trade. First, the bot looks for a profitable trade in the mempool. He then copies
A built-in DEX aggregator and Brave Wallet will appear in the Brave browser
The developers of the Brave browser have updated the project roadmap. It includes the creation of a decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator and a Brave Wallet to replace current cryptocurrency wallets. According to the BAT Roadmap 2.0, the Brave developers are planning important changes to the browser. The add-ons will expand the reach of the browser beyond web browsing and provide support for the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) industry. Developers will create a DEX aggregator to help
ECB: “permission to issue stablecoins in the EU should be issued by the Central Bank”
The European Central Bank (ECB) wants to have a veto over the launch of stablecoins in the euro area and a larger oversight role to reduce inflation risks and keep payments secure. As the ECB said in a legal opinion on the rules for regulating cryptoassets in the EU, the final say on whether the launch of a stablecoin in the euro area should be allowed for the European Central Bank. This will allow the
Banks Require Indian Traders to Report Cryptocurrency Transactions
The Indian branches of banks HSBC, HDFC and Citi require cryptocurrency traders to provide a report on transactions with digital assets, otherwise their bank accounts may be closed. Indian clients of these banks began to receive messages demanding clarification on the conduct of incoming and outgoing transactions with cryptocurrencies. To do this, you must personally come to the bank branch. If no clarification is received, banks may block user accounts. The letters say that in
Brave browser has leakedTor addresses to DNS providers
Brave’s confidential browser has leaked confidential information from the Tor network to DNS providers. This is not a new or Brave specific bug, the developers are working hard to fix it. The Chromium-based Brave browser integrated with Tor Anonymous has leaked sensitive .onion addresses to domain name system providers. Tor hides user browsing activity by redirecting traffic through a global relay network. This makes it nearly impossible to track the user’s web search history. But
Austrian regulator intends to tighten control over cryptocurrencies
The Financial Markets Authority (FMA) of Austria believes that due to the proliferation of fraud with cryptoassets, the requirements for the cryptocurrency business need to be tightened. According to the Austrian regulator, more than 60% of the reported fraud cases in the country are related to cryptocurrencies. To attract gullible users, attackers use Telegram and TikTok to place advertisements. FMA employee Klaus Grubelnik said the agency sees an urgent need for stricter control over the
JPMorgan: “loss of confidence in USDT will affect BTC rate”
Should investors lose faith in stablecoin, Tether, bitcoin could face new risks, including a sharp drop in price, according to a report by JPMorgan Bank. According to JPMorgan analysts, the BTC market could face a major liquidity shock if traders lose faith in USDT, Tether’s stablecoin widely used to fund cryptocurrency trading. “If issues arise that could affect the willingness or ability of both US and foreign investors to use USDT, the most likely outcome
IOTA Developers  will launch the Chrysalis update in March 2021
The IOTA Foundation has planned to roll out the Chrysalis update to the IOTA mainnet in March, and add tokenization capabilities to the network in the first half of 2021. According to the latest update on the IOTA blog, the project team has made significant progress over the past few weeks and is poised to roll out Chrysalis to the mainstream in March. The IOTA Foundation launched the Chrysalis testnet on December 14 in preparation

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