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Bahrain Central Bank and JPMorgan will test blockchain for international payments
The Central Bank of Bahrain announced a partnership with the American bank JPMorgan Chase and the Arab Banking Corporation BSC (Bank ABC) to test the blockchain for international settlements. The central bank of Bahrain has announced that a pilot project will be launched with these banks to implement a blockchain-based solution for instant cross-border payments. They will be carried out in US dollars between Bahrain and US buyers and suppliers. During testing, banks plan to
Blockchain Wallet added support for Ledger wallets In Samsung
Samsung has added support for Ledger Nano hardware wallets to the Samsung Blockchain Wallet that ships with Galaxy smartphones. In 2019, the Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone received a key store for cryptocurrency wallets. Samsung Blockchain Wallet supports BTC, ETH, TRX, as well as ERC-20 and TRC-20 tokens. The Decentralized Application Developer Kit (SDK) allows third parties to create applications, including services for paying for goods and services in cryptocurrencies, by scanning a merchant’s QR code.
Market Cap ETH exceeded $ 500 billion
Ether capitalization exceeded $ 500 billion at a rate of $ 4370. This mark became the next historical maximum of the ether, but after reaching it, it immediately went into correction. Over the past day, ETH has grown by more than 6.4%, and over the past seven days it has shown an increase of about 30%. As a result of such a surge in the exchange rate, the capitalization of ether crossed the “round mark”,
The US stock market regulator warns investors about the risks of buying bitcoin futures and funds. The SEC has called Bitcoin “an extremely high risk asset.” The agency has issued a warning to users trading bitcoin futures. The SEC called the first cryptocurrency a “highly speculative asset” and also urged users to carefully analyze the financial risks inherent in bitcoin futures contracts with settlements in fiat currency. Investors are encouraged to define a risk profile
UBS Bank will provide clients with access to cryptocurrencies
The Swiss financial giant UBS Group plans to present tools for investing in cryptocurrencies, and also expressed its readiness to introduce blockchain into its business processes. Investment bank UBS began exploring options for providing its wealthy clients with the opportunity to invest in digital assets. The Bank is also considering the use of third party investment vehicles. Given the growing interest of investors in cryptoassets, UBS sees it necessary to respond to the situation in
DFINITY project token entered the top ten leaders in terms of capitalization immediately after listing
The DFINITY project launched “Internet Computer” on May 8, a decentralized computing network. Immediately after listing on exchanges on May 10, ICP entered the top ten by market capitalization. The DFINITY developers wrote that the Internet Computer core uses a blockchain with unlimited bandwidth. Cryptographic protocols called “Chain Key Technology” solve the “blockchain trilemma” – that is, strike a balance between decentralization, security and scalability. The network is controlled by the Network Nervous System (NNS)
Mike Novogratz urged exchanges to place satoshi instead of bitcoin for trading
Galaxy Digital CEO Michael Novogratz has suggested that cryptocurrency exchanges list satoshi instead of BTC to make this crypto asset more accessible. Novogratz tweeted this, mentioning the leaders of the marketplaces Binance, Coinbase, FTX and Gemini. He encouraged them to move on to listing satoshi, the smallest unit of bitcoin. Unlike pounds or dollars, which are 100 pennies or 100 cents, one bitcoin contains 100 million satoshi. At the current bitcoin price, the satoshi value
The FBI has figured out the culprit who paid the killer for the failed murder of his wife in bitcoins. The data, including a photo of the suspect, was provided by cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. Tennessee resident Nelson Replogle paid a hitman in BTC to kill his wife Anne. According to FBI Special Agent Clay Anderson, Replogle sent the would-be killer BTC along with a description of his wife’s car and the time she was supposed
Central Bank of Iran banned the trading of cryptocurrencies mined in other countries
According to local media reports, the Central Bank of Iran has banned the trading of cryptocurrencies mined outside the country to prevent capital outflows. In fact, cryptocurrency trading in Iran is considered illegal. But in 2019, the Iranian government legalized the mining of cryptoassets, recognizing it as one of the industrial sectors. Last fall, Iran allowed the use of digital assets, but only to pay for goods imported from other countries. The Iranian authorities believed
Ether is above $ 3600, Bitcoin dominance fell to the level of the summer of 2018
Altcoins rushed to new highs led by Ether, which rose above $ 3,600. Bitcoin’s dominance index has dropped to 44%, the lowest since the summer of 2018. Today, after a three-day consolidation, ether has overcome the level of $ 3,600 and continues to grow – now it has every chance of getting to $ 4,000. Over the past 30 days, the price of ETH has increased by almost 70% and continues to grow. And just

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