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Spend 20 minutes a day finding the BEST winning Forex trades!

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We’ve created signal indicator that helps assist you in identifying the best trading setups in the Forex markets.

The Indicator scans the charts automatically and finds Trend reversal signals.

The software works on the popular MetaTrader 4 trading platform.

We’ve created this software to help you find the best Trend reversal winning trades

and now we present to you


GOLDSTAR Indicator

The goal of the indicator is to capture the tops and bottoms by allowing you to enter a position at very advantageous levels of BUY and SELL.


⇒ Scans the charts automatically

⇒ Identify Trend reversal signals

⇒Strong signals generator

⇒ Can use it for short and long term trades

⇒ Works the best when the range of the movements is HIGH


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BONUS: We will give you very profitable strategy – for H4 and H1 trading

Once you’ve learnt the strategies and rules, you will need 20 minutes to discover the signals

GOLDSTAR Indicator Trading Strategy in brief

Here’s the numbers you’ll care about on how this GOLDSTAR indicator strategy performs over time

tested by our Senior Forex analyst

Matthew Addams

Senior Forex analyst      Swing / Day Trader
15 years trading experience

“I can say that the results so far with the indicator are amazing!!! I went from a 44% win rate to 83% in the short time. Thanks a lot for helping me to achieve this!”

– Robert, Williams USA

After you purchase the Indicator we will send you an Email with:

  • Installation Setup of the GoldStar MetaTrader4 System:
  • Detailed Instructions “How to use” (with pictures and videos) and strategy (pictures and videos)