If you ask us what is the most important thing in trading, we will tell you:


Risk is the most important aspect of trading!  

Always keep your focus on the RISK!

That’s why we’ve created an Expert Advisor to help you lock your profits every time you trade.

The software works on the popular MetaTrader 4 trading platform.

and now we present to you


LOCKINPIPS Expert Advisor

This EA allows you to set the amount in pips to trigger the EA to move your stop loss and lock your profit at +5 pips after +30 pips profit


⇒Automatically moves your SL level.

⇒You can set a custom locking in pips.

⇒The default set to move stop loss +5pips in profit after +30 pips profit is reached.

⇒You can use this EA all the time when you use the service +30PipsGold


PROMO price:

LOCKINPIPS EA will not only protect you, but can make you very profitable in the long run.

LOCKINPIPS Expert Adviser in brief

Here’s the advantages you’ll care about using our EA

“Great tool to minimize the trading risk! if you don’t use this thing, you wouldn’t be trading – you’d be gambling.”

– Harry, Evans UK

After you purchase the LOCKINPIPS EA we will send you an Email with:

  • Installation Setup for MetaTrader 4 platform:
  • Detailed Instructions “How to use” (with pictures and videos)